Heartland Yoga Community


Our Mission
is to support those facing the challenges
of injury, trauma and illness
by teaching appropriate yoga techniques
and offering support in their practice.  

The ancient practices of yoga provide simple, safe
and powerful tools
for drawing upon inner resources
to reduce stress, aid healing on all levels
and regain peace of mind.  

We are a Not for Profit 501 (c) (3) Public Charity Organization


Aspiring to bring the therapeutic practices of yoga to those who, for any number of reasons, would not or could not attend regular community yoga classes,  Heartland Yoga Community was created in January 2009.
We began at the IU Simon Cancer Center, teaching the soothing and self-regulatory practices of yoga to patients and their families: in-patients undergoing intensive cancer treatment, those receiving IV infusions, and the young patients with Sickle Cell Anemia.  
(3 East team, thank you so much for your kind welcome and support for our nascent yoga therapy program!)


Next, we were invited to provide yoga therapy in a study to reduce pain in veterans with Overall Pain Syndrome and Fibromyalgia. (POYSE;  Matthew J. Bair, MD, MS)  A main cause of these pain syndromes is toxic chemical exposure which causes nerve-end damage; far too common in our veterans.  POYSE is a 4 year study and will complete in mid-2017.  

When our Indianapolis Roudebush Veterans Affairs Medical Center invited us to provide the yoga protocol and interventions in research studies there, we were honored and thrilled!  

Our first study was to see if yoga would reduce falls and increase social engagement in chronic stroke survivors.  (HEALTHY After Stroke;  Arlene A. Schmid, PhD, OTR)  The results surpassed all expectations, and we were able to conduct a smaller study to work with people facing acute stroke and traumatic brain injuries, as well as 3 case studies of chronic traumatic brain injury.  Nick was one of the participants, here is his story

We have a professional organization of yoga therapists and are so inspired and proud of this group and it's leaders; the International Association of Yoga Therapists - www.iayt.org .  We were delighted to have our smaller "In-Patient" study with Dr. Schmid published in the 25th Anniversary edition of the IAYT Journal of Yoga Therapy!  Read it here :)

Letitia (far right) and Nancy ( white sweater) with one of 17 POYSE cohort groups!  

Letitia (far right) and Nancy ( white sweater) with one of 17 POYSE cohort groups!  

Now we are entering the second year of our study to relieve symptoms of severe PTSD - Post Traumatic Stress - through yoga.  (RELIEVE;  Louanne W. Davis, PsyD)  We are seeking veteran and non-veteran participants for this important and beneficial study.  Please contact us if you have, or know someone with a PTSD diagnosis and would like to explore this further.  

We created this video in spring 2016, to introduce
our program to other interested veterans and to help with our fundraising efforts.  And we want to express our joy and gratitude in the benefits we're receiving and the camaraderie we share!  
Thank you, Kungu Mbathi of Ni Sisi Media and
Bill Dean of My Net Trainer - www.MyNetTrainer.net
and our veterans who spoke so beautifully from their hearts.